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Conventional pressure gauges in composite manufacturing processes require the vacuum bag to be pierced. A VacPuc measures pressure remotely through the vacuum bag, reducing the chance of leaks.

A VacPuc receives energy through the vacuum bag via inductive power transfer, which powers its pressure sensor and wirelessly transmits a pressure signal back.

A VacPuc can be read with any mobile phone with NFC (Near Field Communication) running Android 11 or an Apple iPhone 8 or newer.

Yes. Please send an email to info@vacpuc.com and we can provide you with a quote and/or invoice for payment by bank transfer.

No, a VacPuc does not require a battery.

A VacPuc measures absolute pressure – full vacuum is 0 mbar/psi and atmospheric pressure is 1013 mbar/14.70psi.

Yes, you can choose between mbar, bar, mmHg, “Hg or psi in the app.

A VacPuc is rated for use up to 121°C/250°F.

Yes, a VacPuc is rated for use at up to 6 bar/85psi and 121°C/250°F in an autoclave. To read a VacPuc live during an autoclave process, you will need a VacPuc Industrial Reader (available soon!)

Yes, a VacPuc is reusable. VacPucs have been used hundreds of times with no degradation in accuracy.

Each VacPuc is guaranteed tbe accurate to +/-2mbar (0.2% of Full Scale).

Yes, a VacPuc is resin-proof and suitable for use in resin infusion, but only if it is contained in a disposable VacPuc pouch, available for purchase. A VacPuc pouch is essential for resin infusion processes where the VacPuc would be flooded with resin, but not usually required for prepreg processes with typical low-flow resin systems, or during debulks.

Yes, VacPucs are specifically designed to function when placed on conductive moulds without interference.

Generally, a VacPuc works within 12mm or ½” of the phone. Different phones have their antennae in different positions, so try different positions tp find what works for your phone.

Yes, a VacPuc can be used to measure positive pressure, although the accuracy is not guaranteed.

No, VacPuc signals can only be transmitted though non-conductive materials.

No, unfortunately a VacPuc is not waterproof.

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