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Wireless Batteryless Vacuum Measurement

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Wireless Batteryless Vacuum Measurement

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More About The Vacuum Pressure Gauge

At VacPuc, we understand the need for high quality equipment and precise results. Introducing our Vacuum Pressure Gauge, engineered with a purpose: to offer durability, reliability and accuracy in pressure measurement.

Our vacuum pressure gauge offers users the ability to do just that. This product was born from the desire to enhance the accuracy of composite manufacturing processes, ensuring precise results and saving time/money, while reducing waste.

Key Features Of Our Vacuum Pressure Gauge UK


Our gauge provides exact readings, a necessity for quality control in sensitive composite manufacturing processes.

Robust Build

Designed to consistently perform in harsh environments, even with extended use in industrial settings, ensuring longevity.

Low Pressure Vacuum Gauge

In scenarios where low pressure needs to be monitored with precision, our low pressure vacuum gauge comes into play. It's designed to detect and measure even the slightest of pressure changes, ensuring that nothing goes amiss in processes that require stringent observation.

Discover The VacPuc Vacuum Pressure Gauge

The importance of a reliable vacuum pressure gauge in the world of composite manufacturing cannot be overstated. With VacPuc's solution, professionals are equipped with a tool that is not just functional but practical and reliable. Because when precision matters, VacPuc delivers.

Why use a VacPuc?

Conventional pressure gauges in composite manufacturing processes require the vacuum bag to be pierced. A VacPuc measures pressure remotely through the vacuum bag, reducing the chance of leaks.

How does a VacPuc work?

A VacPuc receives energy through the vacuum bag via inductive power transfer, which powers its pressure sensor and wirelessly transmits a pressure signal back.

What do I need to read a VacPuc?

A VacPuc can be read with any mobile phone with NFC (Near Field Communication) running Android 11 or an Apple iPhone 8 or newer.

Does a VacPuc require a battery?

No, a VacPuc does not require a battery.

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