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Wireless Batteryless Vacuum Measurement

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Wireless Batteryless Vacuum Measurement

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Wireless Batteryless Vacuum Measurement

VacPuc is the home of the best digital vacuum gauge in the composite manufacturing world. Our state-of-the-art digital vacuum sensor technology ensures that part quality is never compromised. We've seamlessly combined the latest innovations in digital pressure measurement, bringing to you a wireless solution that's ahead of its time.

About VacPuc & Our Digital Vacuum Gauge

Developed by an expert composite materials and process engineer, Chris Hickey PhD BE, VacPuc isn't just another digital vacuum tester. We've revolutionised the pressure reading process with a batteryless, wireless approach. Gone are the days of inefficient bag penetrations and leak points. Discover more about our wireless vacuum gauge and dive into the world of precise and seamless pressure measurements.

Why VacPuc is the Ultimate Digital Vacuum Gauge

In the intricate dance of composite manufacturing, understanding the pressure inside a vacuum bag is paramount to manufacturing high quality parts. This is where our digital vacuum pressure gauge shines. Not only does VacPuc maintain the vacuum bag's integrity, but it also provides instant data directly to your smartphone. An industry-first innovation, VacPuc takes digital vacuum gauge with output technology to a new level. Discover the inner workings of our breakthrough absolute vacuum gauge.

Revolutionising Composite Manufacturing Processes with the Best Digital Vacuum Gauge

Whether it's resin infusion, or prepreg processes, our digital vacuum technology stands out. With our digital vacuum pressure sensor, composite manufacturing becomes a reliable and repeatable process, minimising risks and reducing scrap rates. Experience a new wave of quality and efficiency in resin infusion and prepreg processes with VacPuc.

The Future of Electronic Vacuum Gauges

Ourelectronic vacuum gaugeis at the forefront of vacuum gauge technology. Traditional pressure gauges require a thru-bag penetration, but our wireless vacuum gauge is completely wireless. Through the power of inductive power transfer, our vacuum pressure gauge allows a convenient reading experience by sending readings straight to your smartphone.

Seal the Deal with VacPuc

Ourelectronic vacuum gaugeis at the forefront of vacuum gauge technology. Traditional pressure gauges require a thru-bag penetration, but our wireless vacuum gauge is completely wireless. Through the power of inductive power transfer, our vacuum pressure gauge allows a convenient reading experience by sending readings straight to your smartphone.

What makes the VacPuc wireless vacuum gauge unique?

Our sensor measures pressure without piercing the vacuum bag, significantly reducing the chance of leaks and maintaining the bag"s integrity. This innovative feature is a game-changer in the composite manufacturing industry.

What do I need to read a VacPuc?

To interact seamlessly with a VacPuc and retrieve accurate pressure readings, you"ll need a mobile phone equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This technology enables wireless communication between your phone and the VacPuc. Specifically, phones running on Android 11 or higher versions are compatible. For Apple users, an iPhone 8 or any newer model will do the trick. By utilising NFC, VacPuc ensures quick and hassle-free data transfer, allowing you to monitor vacuum pressures on-the-go with just a tap of your phone. 

How does a VacPuc work?

The VacPuc digital vacuum sensor incorporates advanced inductive power transfer technology. This enables VacPuc to harness energy wirelessly, energise its internal pressure sensor, and transmit precise pressure data to your device without direct connections. This system eliminates the necessities of physical wiring, bag penetrations, and periodic battery replacements.

Is VacPuc reusable?

Yes, indeed. One of the key features of VacPuc is its durability and longevity. It is designed to retain its accuracy even after multiple uses, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution for professionals. For resin infusion processes, a VacPuc pouch is required to prevent the sensor element from damage.

Does the VacPuc digital vacuum sensor measure absolute pressure?

A VacPuc measures absolute pressure. In this context, a complete vacuum registers at 0 mbar/psi, while standard atmospheric pressure is denoted as 1013 mbar/14.70psi.

Resin Infusion for Leak Integrity

The most important factor in resin infusion is the leak integrity of the vacuum bag and mould. Performing a vacuum leak test is the most important quality control procedure in resin infusion.

How to perform a leak test:

  • Place your VacPuc in a VacPuc pouch at the furthest point from the vacuum inlet.
  • Scan the VacPuc.
  • The vacuum level should be less than 20mbar.
  • (Check the nameplate of your vacuum pump to ensure that this level of vacuum is achievable. Most resin infusion grade vacuum pumps can achieve 10mbar or less. )
  • Close the vacuum inlet to isolate the vacuum bag. Monitor the leak rate – the vacuum should rise less than 10 mbar in 10 mins. Using the VacPuc history log is useful for keeping track of previous readings.

It is very unlikely that you will achieve this standard at the first attempt. Common places to look for leaks are:

  • Dry fibre over the mastic sealant tape
  • Pleats
  • §round fittings.

Sometimes no matter how hard you look for leaks, there is nothing obvious to find. In this case, moisture within the dry laminate is a likely cause. To remove moisture from your laminate you need to wait (often overnight) for moisture to be removed and the vacuum. Gently increasing the temperature of the environment (to say 35°C/95°F) will increase the rate at which moisture is removed.

If after an overnight hold, there is no change in leak rate, this means that it was not moisture but a leak, so you need to keep looking for the source of the leak. When the leak check has passed the limit of 10mbar/10min, you are ready for infusion.

Resin Infusion New Moulds

It is important to perform a leak check on a new mould, before any mould release is applied, or any fibre laid into the mould. This way you can remedy any problems before lamination starts.

It is good practice to record the leak rate of the mould and the date of the leak check for future reference. Writing the achieved leak rate and date on the side of the mould is a good idea, for quick reference during future leak tests.

If you outsource your mould manufacture, we recommend adding a leak rate contractual requirement of the mould manufacturer. This test should be performed using VacPuc before the mould is shipped from the mould manufacturer.

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