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Wireless Batteryless Vacuum Measurement

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Wireless Batteryless Vacuum Measurement

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Why Choose VacPuc's Digital Vacuum Gauge?

Our state-of-the-art vacuum gauge seamlessly integrates wireless and batteryless technology, promising accuracy and hassle-free usage. The era of inefficient bag penetrations, and potential leak points is over.

The Distinctive Features of VacPuc

Wireless & Batteryless

Adopting the latest inductive power transfer technology, our wireless vacuum gauge eliminates the need for bag penetrations or batteries, offering a seamless user experience.


Retrieve pressure readings effortlessly on NFC-enabled mobile devices – compatible with Android 11+ and iPhone 8+ models.

Absolute Precision

Measuring absolute pressure, VacPuc reports a full vacuum as 0 mbar/psi and standard atmospheric pressure as 1013 mbar/14.70psi.


VacPuc is designed for everyday use in a composite workshop, ensuring accurate readings even after multiple uses, making it an indispensable tool for professionals.

VacPuc: A Beacon in Composite Manufacturing

Understanding the pressure inside a vacuum bag is essential for manufacturing high-quality composite parts. With our vacuum pressure gauge, say goodbye to poor quality parts and increased waste. 

More About VacPuc

VacPuc represents the intersection of precision, innovation, and operational efficiency in the domain of digital vacuum sensor technology. Within the composite manufacturing sector, VacPuc has set new standards by offering an advanced, precise, and reliable pressure measurement solution. This technology-driven approach ensures accurate readings and streamlines manufacturing processes.

Founded by experienced composite materials & process engineer, Chris Hickey PhD BE, VacPuc stems from a desire to address the challenges of accurately measuring pressure inside vacuum bags. 

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What"s unique about the VacPuc wireless vacuum gauge?

Our cutting-edge gauge measures pressure without piercing the vacuum bag, ensuring the bag"s integrity and significantly reducing leak risks.

How does VacPuc operate?

Using inductive power transfer technology, a VacPuc energises wirelessly, powering its internal pressure sensor and transmitting precise data to your device.

How accurate is a VacPuc?

Each VacPuc is guaranteed to be accurate to +/-2mbar (0.2% of Full Scale).

Is a VacPuc reusable?

Absolutely. VacPuc promises durability and retains its accuracy over repeated uses.

Does VacPuc require a battery?

No, our vacuum tester operates without a battery, thanks to its wireless inductive power transfer technology.

Is a VacPuc waterproof?

No, unfortunately a VacPuc is not waterproof.

Can I use a VacPuc on a metallic or carbon fiber mould?

Yes, VacPucs are specifically designed to function when placed on conductive moulds without interference.

What temperature can I use a VacPuc to?

A VacPuc is rated for use up to 121°C/250°F.

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