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May 19, 2024

VacPuc is excited to announce its new partnership with North American distributor, Technology Marketing Inc. (TMI, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A).

Founded in New Zealand in 2022, VacPuc is an innovative vacuum measurement solution that enables easy and accurate pressure measurement inside a vacuum bag, which is fundamental to achieving quality outcomes in composite manufacturing processes. A VacPuc transmits pressure readings directly to a smartphone for instant, on demand data.  

In an industry-first, a VacPuc works while retaining the vacuum bag’s integrity, whereas conventional pressure gauges in composite manufacturing processes require the vacuum bag to be pierced.  A VacPuc works by measuring pressure remotely through the vacuum bag, reducing the chance of leaks.

In short, a wireless and batteryless VacPuc saves time and money and reduces waste.

VacPuc Founder Dr Chris Hickey says, “We are delighted to partner with TMI to help grow our business in North America. TMI is an established company, with over 46 years of tried and true experience in the North American composites market.    With their innovative approach and business alliances, we are confident that together we can serve the aerospace and other industries that manufacture fiber-reinforced composites”.

With this new North American partnership in place, VacPuc is now a global business with select distributors in place across the world.

TMI will be exhibiting at SAMPE 2024 in Long Beach, California on 21-22 May.   SAMPE is North America’s Premier Advanced Materials & Process Engineering Conference & Exhibition. This trade show is a great opportunity to see live VacPuc demonstrations at TMI’s stand (Booth G18).

For any further information or sales enquiries, please contact info@vacpuc.com or customerservice@tmi-slc.com

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