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What is a Vacuum Pressure Gauge? An Engineer's Insight

November 10, 2023 3 min read

In the engineering and manufacturing industry, tools that provide accuracy are indispensable. One essential tool is the vacuum pressure gauge. But what exactly is this device, and how does one interpret its readings? Let’s unravel the mechanics and significance of the vacuum pressure gauge.

Understanding the Vacuum Pressure Gauge

For anyone who might be thinking "What is a vacuum pressure gauge?" It is an instrument designed to measure pressure in a system relative to a perfect vacuum. Depending on the application, these readings are crucial for ensuring process efficiency and product quality.

Reading a Vacuum Pressure Gauge: The Basics

You might also be wondering "how to read a vacuum pressure gauge", understanding the difference between absolute pressure and gauge pressure is imperative. Absolute pressure measures the total pressure in a system relative to a perfect vacuum. In contrast, gauge pressure reads the pressure relative to atmospheric pressure. For instance, a VacPuc measures absolute pressure – full vacuum is defined as 0 mbar/psi, while standard atmospheric pressure stands at 1013 mbar/14.70psi.

Reading the VacPuc: A Brief Guide

Reading the VacPuc is straightforward:

  • When you bring your NFC-enabled phone close to the VacPuc (typically within 12mm or ½”), it will instantly read and display the pressure data.
  • Depending on your requirements, you can choose the pressure unit in the app, selecting between mbar, bar, mmHg, “Hg, or psi. This flexibility ensures that you have the reading in the unit most familiar or relevant to you.
  • Note that while the VacPuc is designed for reading through non-conductive materials, it cannot transmit signals through metal or carbon fibre. 

Advantages of Integrating VacPuc

  • Remote Pressure Measurement: The traditional challenge with many pressure gauges in composite manufacturing is the need to pierce the vacuum bag, potentially introducing leak points and compromising the integrity of the process. VacPuc eliminates this challenge entirely. It measures pressure remotely through the vacuum bag, significantly reducing the possibility of leaks, ensuring a more consistent and reliable process.

  • Battery-Free Operation: VacPuc doesn't require a battery. Instead, it utilises inductive power transfer to receive energy through the vacuum bag. This mechanism powers its pressure sensor and facilitates the wireless transmission of the pressure signal.

  • Universal Compatibility: One of the features of the VacPuc is its accessibility. You can read it using any mobile phone equipped with NFC, be it an Android running version 11 or an Apple iPhone 8 or newer. This feature ensures that reading and monitoring are convenient and doesn't require any specialised equipment.

  • Absolute Pressure Measurement: VacPuc measures absolute pressure. In practical terms, a complete vacuum equates to 0 mbar/psi, while standard atmospheric pressure is defined as 1013 mbar/14.70psi. This ensures accurate readings irrespective of variations in the ambient environment.

  • Durability and Versatility: VacPuc isn't just a one-time-use tool. It's designed for reusability and can be used multiple times without a decline in accuracy. Moreover, it's resilient against resin, making it perfect for resin infusion processes when housed in a disposable VacPuc pouch. 

In the demanding world ofcomposite manufacturing, the value of accurate pressure measurement can't be overstated. As technology progresses, it's instruments like this that assist the industry, reinforcing standards and setting new ones.

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